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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it takes in complete process?

The complete process may takes anywhere from 3 days upto 60 days depending upon the complexity of the transaction. We highly recommend to get the domain name transferred into the same registrar to save the time.
As per ICANN, there is a 60 days domain name transfer lock for a newly registered domain name. We are an ICANN certified firm (NBFC) registered in India and USA.

Can I get refund ?

Yes 100% Refund is Allowed if you don’t like our services within given deadline.

I am getting mails from various other brokers for my domain. What does it mean ?

No worries. It simply means, that the domain name was on backordering where different brokers were trying to bid on it. There is a high uncertainty that most of those brokers would never reply back as they wouldn’t be able to acquire the domain name for you. AffordNames have a different policy. We pitch a client, only if (or our partner) we have the domain name in their accounts. We don’t play guessing game.
Note: If you are dealing with us (or any other broker), please deal only with the same broker. It will not only bring the cost of the domain name down (Substantially) and also the ease of acquisition. The domain name with high market competition would do nothing except increasing the price (But Not the value) of the domain name. Please maintain your discretion!

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